June 13, 2022

Overcoming Injuries & Weight Gain - Ellies Story

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"It’s that safe structured environment.
The experience and knowledgable staff that guide you through is just invaluable."
Project manager doing IT, software
Our member Ellie, has been busy working from home since COVID.
Here is her story of regaining her fitness and overcoming previous injuries....
" I did my trial in October and I signed up in November (2021)"
I've been stalking you guys for a long time...
For me, I’ve had so many different injuries over the years that started to catch up with me
Plus then, putting on more weight...
I thought, if I don’t do something about it now, with someone who is going to help me through that process, I never would.
I wanted to make sure I had that guidance and support. And someone who is making sure I do it right.
It’s that safe structured environment.
The experienced and knowledgable staff that guide you through is just invaluable.
They push you, because they know how you’re working.
They don’t switch off, even in that 50 minutes.
I found that you can do something that you found really difficult before.
When you get a personal best on something, that is one of the best feelings ever."
Ellie, thank you so much! We're proud of you and thankful you are part of our community ❤️
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