May 26, 2022

My Legs Used To Ache Just Walking...

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"It used to be that just going for a short walk, my legs would start to ache..That just doesn't happen anymore!"
Our member Steve, had a big realisation a couple of years ago... 🤔🤔🤔
He was on a trip away with his elder siblings, and found that...
"My brothers and sisters who are generally a lot older than me, I couldn't keep up with them it was terrible."
Steve has been working from home for the past 14 years as a software developer.
After this realisation he worked with a normal gym, but found that after a couple of months the motivation and accountability to going dipped...
"I pretty well stopped doing anything again!"
🙏🏼 .... Then he found us.... 🙏🏼
"My recovery is dramatically improved."
"My legs are considerably bigger than they used to be."
"My wife has noticed that my trousers are baggy at the back now."
"It used to be that just going for a short walk, my legs would start to ache.."
"That just doesn't happen anymore!"
"That's one thing that all of them do (The Trainers), they know each individual person and what they're problems are and they redesign it on the fly."
"The trainers do work round you all the time."
"There is no reason not to go for it!"
Thank you Steve. We're super proud of you and all your hard work! 😊😊
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