August 12, 2019

Do you feel like you are ‘failing’ in the gym?

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Do you ever feel like you are ‘failing’ when you’re in the gym?

We’ve all been there at some point or another… Not having the best session of our lives and walking away from the gym feeling as you have ‘failed’ yourself. Well… We're here to tell you why “failing” is actually a GOOD THING!

Just because you haven't completed a full set of repetitions, have you failed?

We are all used to working towards achieving something, so when we don’t quite get there, it can feel like we have ‘failed’ ourselves. However, when it comes to a workout, it is crucial to get out of this mindset and instead pushing yourself to progress.


For example, if you are doing 60 seconds of an exercise and you find that you can easily go on for another 60 seconds. Then you are not actually going to get the progressive training effect that you are looking for.

Instead, what you want to be doing is aiming to do 50 seconds of that exercise and really be struggling to actually complete your 60 seconds. By the end of 60 seconds, you should be glad it’s finished and you wouldn’t be able to do another 15, 20 seconds more even if you wanted to. So in essence, you’re actually looking to try and almost fail.

Another example might be if we are lifting weights and aiming trying to do 15 repetitions, if you actually hit the 15 and could do 20, then you have been incorrect there and have gone too light. Instead, you should be aiming to do 13, maybe just get 14, but can’t really get the 15th.


The key is that you are trying to give your body something to progress from, so it is constantly being challenged.

So the next time you’re working out, try and push yourself that much harder so you can’t complete all the repetitions or you can’t complete them all the time. What you will find is that you will have done your body a great service and really pushed yourself to progress more than if you were completing every set with ease.

In other words, you’re going to be succeeding by failing! 


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