July 14, 2020

Not Sure Where to Start After Lockdown? Here’s what to do!

If you’re even reading this then chances are that you might currently be feeling a little lost on where to get started with your fitness journey. Whether you were an avid gym goer before the pandemic, or if you had never picked up a dumbbell in your life, you might have that ‘back at square 1’ feeling…Well we're here to help shift that mindset and get back into an amazing and sustainable training routine!


Firstly. We get it!

Lockdown has been tough on everyone (did you know that the average person is thought to have put on around 15lbs during lockdown?!) For a lot of us, we have been either out of action since March, or perhaps you found it hard to motivate yourself whilst at home and fell into the into the 'I'll do it tomorrow' routine and couldn't quite shift it.

Either way, it's no problem at all and as we do begin rediscovering our routines once more, there are a few different ways to approach things. H
ere are our top tips to get you back into routine and achieving once more!



It’s easy to be hard on yourself, and as people, we’re usually very good at it. A lot of the time we find ourselves focusing on what we 'could' have done...but it doesn't get us anywhere!

This time, try a different approach.

Remember that 99% of us are all in the exact same boat, you're absolutely not on your own here and there is no reason to feel guilty or disappointed in what has already happened.

As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved after all!


Now that you’re ready to begin training again, don’t go overboard! 

We all want results and want to get back to our previous levels of fitness or goal weight as quickly as possible, but chances are that if you end up going from 0-100% too fast, you’ll either lose your motivation or just end up injuring yourself!

Let's say you used to train 2 or 3x per week and haven’t really done anything since March. Start off slow, try scheduling in just 1 session each week and at your own pace begin to steadily increase things back up to 2 or 3 over the next few weeks or months.

...It's important to remember what it is like to feel like you have achieved something and if you overtrain yourself, you'll likely just find yourself getting even more frustrated when the weight doesn't come off as quickly as you want it to!


If your nutrition habits have slipped slightly over the past few months, there is no need to suddenly cut all of those foods you love and just eat lettuce 24 hours a day…

It’s not fun and it won’t get you results!

Changes aren’t going to happen overnight and trust us, it’s a bad idea both physically and emotionally to drop everything all at once.. Instead, try focusing on just one meal a day, perhaps breakfast, and make that your goal. To have a nutritious and delicious breakfast every day this week.
Whether that means you prep your meals a little more, make sure you're always getting in great protein source and beneficial fat, you’ll soon find that those habits become firmly in place and you can then spread them into the rest of your day too.

Finally, if you are still feeling a little overwhelmed, h
ere’s a great analogy that we can use to explain this. Fitness is like reading a long book, it can seem intimidating at first, but where do you start?
...By turning the first page! 

and the exact same can be said for your health.
We’re all just turning that first page together and it’s a great opportunity for a fresh new start!

Now get out there and achieve!
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