July 29, 2019

How To Reduce The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Nutrition, Food

One in two of us will have to deal with cancer at some point in our lifetime and prostate cancer is one of the leading types of cancer amongst men. Around 47,700 new prostate cancer cases in the UK every year, that's around 130 every day. Statistics like that can certainly be alarming and there are so many misleading news pieces about the topic, it can be difficult to know who to listen to!

Firstly, even if you’re a lady, don’t stop reading! Forward this blog onto every male that you know because it’s very, very important!


How Much Processed Meat Do You Eat?

The single biggest tip that we can offer when it comes to prostate cancer, is to reduce the amount of processed meats that you actually have.

It is easy to think that your diet may be ‘good’ and that the meats you eat are all fine, but we don’t just mean things like microwavable burgers or hot dogs when we say ‘processed’ meats. Things like salamis, bacons, and processed sausages are all examples of easily missable meats which you might not think are processed, but they usually are!

A lot of people often think that it is difficult to justify the prices of ‘better’ meats from butchers or higher quality brands, but unfortunately it is true that you do get what you pay for. You might be surprised by the little things you can be doing in order to help justify that higher quality meat. Forego with that take-away, forego with that subscription, whatever it is, to enable you to get the better quality meats. As I’m sure you will agree, all of that kind of stuff pales in comparison to health and being able to live a long and healthy life!


What are the “highest quality” meats?

In an ideal world, we would all be eating grass-fed beef. But it is pretty common today to find that a lot of animals don’t eat the natural occurring food that they are supposed to eat.

For example, did you know that plenty of mass production farmers feed their cattle on corn instead of grass? That is because grass feeding is a slower process in terms of fattening them up to be able to then sell them all to be slaughtered and to be eaten. To speed things up, farmers feed them man-made foods and as a result, the animals often get sick.

All of this sickness means the animals also need access to antibiotics in order to keep them alive long enough until they’re fat enough to be slaughtered and then eaten. Agriculture actually accounts for over 40% of the UK’s total antibiotic sales!


Instead, by eating quality meats that are being fed the food that they’re designed to be fed, they’re not going to be full of antibiotics, which also has a carcinogenic effect, affecting you and your body, leading to a pretty detrimental affect on your health.

So in short, reduce the amount of processed meats you are having. Keep things like bacon to a treat instead of a daily staple. Audit the amount of the type of meats you are having and make sure that they’re as natural and as good quality as possible…It will go a long way to actually making you healthier!

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