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Our Luton Personal Trainers

Time after time we have new clients join up to our unique gym because they’re tired of putting hard work in for little output. It’s easily done, without the guidance of a personal trainer and a personalised plan specific to your body and needs, it can result in slow progress. At the DVCC in Luton we’re different to your regular gym, we work closely with all of our members to tailor a fitness programme that will help you reach your goals. We don’t just stop at fitness and exercise though, our personal trainers are always on hand to provide expert nutrition and lifestyle advice too.

We listen to the needs of your body, and with one-to-one sessions with our personal trainers you’ll feel comfortable in the knowledge that you’re heading in the right direction. We thrive on seeing results and love a success story at the DVCC so your progress is as important to us as it is to you!

If you’re worried about joining a gym as many people feel it can be an uncomfortable environment, then you needn’t worry. There’s no mirror posing here, in fact we’re frequently complimented on our ‘family feel’ that’s created within our gyms and the level of support from not only our personal trainers but amongst our clients too.

If you want to start making a positive change to your body then today is as good a day as ever. Make the first step and get in touch with a member of our team to talk you through our personal training services, or why not drop in to our Luton centre for a tour?

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