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Sore Shoulders

Restore your shoulders to pain free function.



Most sore knees do not come from irreparable damage and can be fixed with a structured and progressive strengthening program.

Having healthy, functional shoulders is very important to being able to carry out every day tasks. Whether that be taking the wheelie bin out or being able to lift your arms above your shoulder without pain.

What Causes Most Shoulder Pain?

A lot of every day shoulder pain can be related to either weak muscles that stabilize the shoulder or a dysfunction within the shoulder area caused by muscles either not functioning correctly or being weak or tight.

These dysfunctions do not have to be the result of a specific injury or event but can be bought on by years sitting at a desk or overuse injuries. Caused by putting the same stress on your upper body every day.

The Most Important Muscles To Strengthen To Have Healthy Shoulders

These are the external rotators of the shoulders and the stabilizing muscles of the scapula (Shoulder blade). Infraspinatus, teres minor, supraspinatus and the lower trapezius.

By strengthening these muscles you give your shoulder more stablility, taking away the strain that dysfunctioning muscles can be putting on your shoulders.

How Do I Stengthen These Muscles And Be Able To Use My Shoulder Fully Again

The good news is that the exercises that you need to do to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders can be very simple and are actually put into our clients sessions even if their shoulders are perfectly fine.

They can be done either with resistance or without and as the health of your shoulders improve they can be made more difficult to keep challenging and progressing your shoulder health.


How Can I Lose Body Fat If My Shoulders Are Not Healthy Yet?

This is a common question that we have received in the past and is why we developed The Pain Free Shoulder Process™ which is a rehabilitation process that is run alongside our fat loss or muscle tone programs and allows you to rehabilitate your shoulder whilst still achieving your physical transformation goals.

The Pain Free Shoulder Process™ was developed in combination with physios and top Olympic rehabilitation specialists and focuses on strengthening the external rotators and scapula stabilisers mentioned earlier in the article whilst stretching the muscles that have become tight as a result of the shoulder dysfunction.



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