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Sore Knees

Knee pain and discomfort is very common, whether it be caused by years of high impact exercise such as step, running or just wear and tear from every day life. It doesn’t have to stop you exercising and achieving your physical goals.


Whilst there can be a large number of causes for knee pain and discomfort there are some universal solutions that will help take strain off your knees and help them become as healthy as possible. The cornerstone of these are strengthening exercises.

What Are The Most Important Muscles To Strengthen For Healthy Knees?

Whilst there are a number of muscles that have an impact on the stresses and strains your knee is put under. There is one that stands out above all others in it's importance in stabilizing the knee and thus protecting it from pain or risk of injury.

This muscle is called your Vastus Medialis Oblique. It sits next to your knee and is often called the “tear drop” muscle. One of the roles of the Vastus Medialis Oblique is to assist in the correct tracking of your knee. In other words keeping your knee in the correct position by being strong enough to exert a controlling force on your kneecap.

If you are like most people with knee issues, this muscle will either be weak or as is often the case, not be working at all. By strengthening this muscle your knees will be put under a lot less strain and pressure with every step that you take.


How Do I Strengthen My Knees?

To strengthen your knees you need to focus on strengthening this muscle (Vastus Medialis Oblique), which fortunately can be done with exercises that will also allow you to lose body-fat or build muscle tone.

These exercises can be scaled to your level of knee health so that you can start with exercises that have no chance of causing you any pain and then develop the difficulty of the exercises as your knee and its surrounding muscles become stronger.

How Does The DVCC Train Clients With Sore Knees?

The DVCC has used its expertise along with consultations with physios and Olympic level rehabilitation specialists to develop The Pain Free Knee System™ that takes you through a number of rehabilitation sessions to strengthen the knee and allow you to return to normal exercise with renewed confidence in your knee.

The programming for all of our programs also incorporates a large number of these exercises to act as what is termed Pre-habilitation to prevent your knees ever becoming a problem for you.



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