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I AM 50+

There can be a perception that “hitting 50” is a big milestones physically. At The DVCC we believe the next 40-50 years of your life are more exciting than your last.




What Do I Need To Take Into Account Once I Am Over 50?

It would be foolish to treat a 50 year old adult the same physically as someone 30 years your junior. There are a number of things you should consider with exercise when you are 50+.

What Level Of Intensity Should I Exercise At?

There is a lot of danger that you can try and immediately do things that you did when you were 25, which has the potential to put yourself at risk of serious injury, or health risks that could stop your fitness journey in its tracks. Before it has had a chance to gain any momentum.

Monitoring your level of intensity can be a tricky thing to do as the overall attitude that most fitness trainers or personal trainers employ is that you should work as hard as you can at all times.

The DVCC takes a more progressive approach building up the level of intensity over time and as your fitness improves. We also use state of the art Heart Rate Based Training to keep an exact measure of the intensity you as an individual are working at. This allows an objective measure that makes sure you are working at the optimal level of intensity at all times and are never at risk of working with too much intensity until your body is able to handle it.

Will I Injure Myself?

As mentioned earlier there is a risk of injury if you do not start exercising in a structured and progressive manner. Often injuries and dysfunctions that you have developed lay dormant not causing you any critical pain or disability. However, when you start exercising if you do not take these into consideration they can quickly develop into exercise ending problems.

If you have been inactive for a number of years or sitting at a desk you will often have developed weaknesses in your lower back, shoulders and knees which will be inflamed with the wrong type of exercise.

It was for this reason that The DVCC developed rehabilitation protocols for all of these trouble areas. Whilst at the same time actively incorporating exercises that strengthen these areas to avoid them ever becoming a problem for you.


I was very worried I would be the least fit there, but it actually didn’t matter as I was never made to feel like I was competing with anyone else and the Transformation Experts kept me within my abilities at all times

- John, 52 - Northampton


Can My Body Take It Physically?

This is a common concern and is linked with the intensity at which you should be exercising. Your body will be perfectly capable of exercise IF it is progressed in an intelligent and progressive way. If you do not control the type of exercise you do and level of intensity at all times there is a risk that you push your body to limits it is not yet capable of.

The DVCC Transformation Experts receive over 200 hours of further training a year and will make sure that you are never pushed to levels that are not appropriate for your level of progress and fitness. Sometimes protecting you from yourself!

What Type Of Exercise Should I Be Doing At My Age?

One of the biggest predictors of health and longevity is the amount of muscle tone you are able to develop and maintain. The right type of resistance training is vital to allow you to do this.

It is also the key in improving your body composition (losing fat and maintaining/developing muscle tone).

You should also be improving your conditioning and fitness, strengthening your vital organs whilst again helping you lose fat and gain muscle tone. READ FURTHER TO LEARN ABOUT THE REAL YOU TRANSFORMATION PROCESS AND MUSCLE TONE PROGRAM



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