March 2, 2020

Running out of willpower? Here's what you can do!

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Do you ever feel like you’re eating that little bit too much? Or perhaps you know that what you’re eating isn’t the best for your body?

Don’t sweat it!

Having those little treats is just part of being human and if we didn’t get some kind of craving, we’d all be walking around like robots!

lot of people, come to us and they say that they think they eat too much. They simply can’t stop themselves and they have to eat everything on their plate…

But what’s the most common response that people given when asked why they do this? Willpower. If it’s on the plate, it needs to be eaten!


What is willpower?

Now willpower is a really interesting concept and whilst it’s something that a lot of people may blame amazing achievements on - It’s also something that is generally used to be a huge scapegoat. “I didn’t have the willpower to do it!” is a phase you might hear a lot.


Here’s our approach: You should create the habits that mean you don’t have to use your willpower during your day.


What do we mean by this?


Let’s say that you only a certain amount of willpower each day. And that willpower has to be poured into a pint glass. You start the day with nothing in your pint glass and as you go out through the day and you use willpower it gets fuller and fuller and fuller.


Now that glass can be filled by anything from work, life, children, stress and all kinds of different things. With all that going on, your pint glass is filling up more and more - before long it overfills or over-overflows, you ‘lose’ your willpower and you find yourself on a food binge.


Let’s think about it.

What can you do to make sure you don’t have to use your willpower to stop the glass from overflowing?


There are a tonne of quick simple tips to help you not NEED to use your willpower. For example if you typically find yourself pilling your plate that little bit more than you know you should, all you need to do is use a smaller plate.

You simply place your food as you normally would for your meals and it means that you’re not going to have to use your willpower because you can still eat everything on that plate, but you’re going to be reducing your total amount that you eat.

You simply eat as normal from that plate and then once you’re done, you’re done.


You’ll likely find that you are eating a lot less without actually realising it and you’re probably not going to be, any more hungry or any less hungry either way!

Give it a try, and think of all of the little things that you might be able to do to stop ‘using’ your willpower!

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