February 11, 2020

Feeling Strapped For Time? TRY THIS

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“There’s not enough hours in the day”

“I’ve got too much on”

“I feel like I’m always rushing as it is!”

These are just a few common statements we hear on why people don’t think they have the time to fit exercise into their day… and we totally get it. We all lead busy lives and between running the kids to and from school, going to work, making dinner, cleaning, doing the washing and everything else the day demands, sometimes exercise can be the last thing on your mind.

A lot of us struggle with time and it’s usually those luxuries such as your favourite hobby, or fitness regime that pay the price.

So what can you do about it?

Excuses are easy to make. “I would but…” “I was going to but…” are other common statements we hear on why someone might want to exercise but doesn’t quite make it. On the off chance that we do have some time to ourselves, sometimes something better, more fun, or more productive takes precedence.



It’s easy to miss things when they aren’t planned and booked in. Sit down the week or two before and set yourself the time to workout so nothing else can get in the way of it. It’s your time, you decide how to use it!


A lot of people find it easy to fall into the mindset of spending hours and hours at the gym in order to see results

  1. Cut workouts to under one hour per session. The “traditional” way of exercising, spending hours and hours at the gym can be counterproductive. Keeping workouts short also ensures that they will indeed get done.

  2. Phone a friend! Find someone you enjoy moving with and keep each other accountable. This is an easy way to make sure both parties show up ON TIME. Get it?

  3. Be efficient. By pairing non-competing upper and lower body exercises like a squat and a row or a lunge and a plank you can move more quickly getting more done in less time! With this strategy you can be in and out of the gym in an hour.




We can wish for more of it, make excuses and find reasons to not workout, but how will that help us in the long run? If we play around and find ways to destroy our shortness of time, we’ll be healthier and happier with our movement practice!


Give these few quick tips a try and you'll quickly find that you are the master of your own time!

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