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March 18, 2017

The Truth About Spot Reducing Body Fat By Exercise

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weightlossstomachDo you hate where you always seem to store bodyfat? Is it your hips, or stomach? Every one of us has areas of our body we could be more happy about...

At the DVCC, a common question that I have been asked, and I'm sure the other transformation experts are also asked, is, "Can I do a specific exercise to reduce the fat from a specific area?"

Unlike muscle tone, which you can specifically target through exercise, targeting fat through exercise is not possible.

This is mainly down to the fact that when you do any type of exercise you will be using a number of muscles at one time. Some exercises are called compound exercises because they include more than one muscle movement at a time, or move more than one joint on your body.

You also have isolation exercises which, as the name explains, isolate one specific muscle. You can therefore increase the amount of work done by the muscle, which will increase the chances of muscle tone development.

78487858Your fat stores do not take any part in the process of physically lifting weight like muscles do. Fat stores are used when the hormone glucagon releases glycogen (sugar stored as body fat) into the bloodstream and the liver processes it into glucose (blood sugar).

This process takes place when you are exercising under certain conditions and your carbohydrate intake is low; this ensures the fat storage hormone insulin is lowered. If insulin levels are high in the bloodstream, this prevents your fat cells releasing glycogen.

When you exercise, the body will burn fat for energy and will use the most readily available fat stores. These fat stores are normally the most recently laid fat deposits. Many people find that they lose weight from the head downwards, but everyone is different.

6-strength-training-tipsWhen you are training for fat loss, you should aim to create a build up of lactic acid within your muscles.

Lactic acid is a sign that you are working hard enough to increase testosterone (a hormone which helps to build muscle tone). Lactic acid also helps to decrease cortisol (the stress hormone which breaks down muscle tone), increases EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which means you will burn an elevated amount of calories for the 48 hours after exercising, and also increases a growth hormone which is the one of the most important powerful hormones for burning fat and building muscle tone.

To create build up of lactic acid and the best way to train for fat loss is using resistance or weighted exercises, favouring compound lifts and working for around 60-90 seconds, with short rests in between.


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