September 2, 2020

Is Your Sweet Tooth getting the better of you?

We’ve all been there…

You’re having a hectic day and as soon as you walk back through the door...BAM!

Those sweet cravings hit you like a tonne of bricks - Whether it be biscuits or you are a bit of chocoholic, we’ve all got a weakness and pretty soon you find you’ve somehow managed to get through an entire packet…

No one likes that feeling and whilst the occasional sweet treat is absolutely no problem at all, if you find that it is starting to creep into every evening, maybe consider these quick tips!



If you’re finding that food is the first thing on your mind after a long day, then perhaps you’re not getting enough in the first place!

Does this sound familiar?

You skipped breakfast because you were rushing after the kids, or even overslept yourself, then lunch went out of the window because you got stuck in meetings and appraisals so the sandwich from the corner shop had to do…

It’s no wonder you’re hungry!

Those staple meals are an important part of your day and can be the difference between giving into your cravings or not…We’re far less likely to crack when we’re not actually hungry, after all!

Sometimes your days do have other plans, but it is important to have that structure and preparedness knowing that you are always have a good supply of nutritious food available throughout the day.

Note: Make things you actually enjoy eating! We know far too many people who are either trying to lose weight and only opt for the salad at lunch...There’s no need to!

Make your meals filling, sustainable and something you can actually come away from knowing that you are feeling full!


This is something that is often easily overlooked because most people don’t even know about it!

You magnesium levels are a crucial part of your cravings as they directly impact your stress hormones (also known as cortisol). Have you ever found that it’s always after a long day or an emotional situation that you find yourself snacking that little bit more? Cortisol is to blame!

Generally speaking, your magnesium levels deplete throughout the day, our cortisol levels however…Don’t.

They spike in the morning (to help us get up and go!), then as we continue to work through the day, send off emails, deal with issues the day throws at us, go into meetings, get stuck in traffic, pick up the kids, make dinner etc. Your cortisol levels are always on the rise right up until when you go to sleep.

This means that by the time you walk back through the door and are able to relax, your stress levels will be peaking and thus we’re craving something that will help bring it down.

The funny thing about this, and it is a little ironic, is that Chocolate is actually notoriously high in magnesium, so even as we eat it, it helps us destress!

So what can we do to help bring that magnesium levels back up?

Well there are a few other options, including:

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Leafy Greens
  • Mushrooms

All of these foods and also help top up your magnesium levels and keep your stress levels a little more under control. If you do find that your magnesium levels are a little low still, supplementing magnesium can also be a great option too.

So there you have it! If your cravings are getting a little out of hand and not where you want them to be, take a look into your other meals during the day with a little more fine-tuning. It doesn’t take long and could be the difference between achieving your goals or not!

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