January 28, 2021

Do You Know How Much Sugar Is In Your Food?

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 Do you know how much SUGAR

is in your food?



We're all about a balanced, healthy lifestyle - and we certainly don't do 'diets'. 
But we do like to provide you with nutritional support, that is achievable, maintainable and works for you. 
When we speak to our members, questions around sugar and sugar consumption are extremely common. 
Should it be cut out? Should it be this high? Everything has sugar in, how do we monitor it?
They are all completely valid questions. 
The first place we like to start with on our nutrition programmes, is simply monitoring what we may eat in a week. You can track this many ways, through a notepad, apps like MyFitnessPal or you can make an excel sheet on your computer or tablet. 
This way, you'll know how much sugar you may be having at the moment, and then introduce ways of reducing it if needed. 
Take a look here to start with......  
 Watch This 



As you'll see, sometimes the products we deem as 'healthier choices', are actually packed full of sugar! 

So keeping track will be the first and most vital step.


According to research the goal for sugar content per day is: 


Men: 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons

Women: 25 grams or 6 teaspoons


Keeping your sugar levels balanced throughout the day, by sticking to a goal can bring many benefits:

- Higher energy levels 

- Better sleep 

- Improved brain function 

- A steady activity level throughout the day 


So, in answer to our question, 'Do You Know How Much Sugar Is In Your Food?'


You'll now know that 

1) Sugar isn't bad 

2) Your daily sugar content is worthwhile monitoring 

3) Our 1:1 Nutrition Programmes can help you achieve all of your nutrition goals in a way that suits you. 


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Any questions, do pop us a message. 
We are here for you, through fitness, your health and your whole wellbeing. 
Let's make this year the best yet! 




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