July 14, 2020

What Does Success Mean To You?

Here’s a question that we love to ask clients when they have perhaps hit their first fitness plateau, or have found themselves losing motivation on their current training routine. To not see results at the rate that you want to can be super demotivating, but with a little help and by taking a small step back, there’s always a solution!

For many of us, we’re often so caught up in a busy world that we expect things to happen instantly, and (annoyingly), fitness doesn’t really work like that…

Whilst with most things we are able to see results at the touch of a button, it’s always important to remember that fitness is a marathon, not a sprint and anyone who does treat it like a sprint will always lose in the long game.

You might be able to drop two stone in a week, but if you’re not keeping that 2 stone off for more than a week, are you
really being successful?



The only person who we can kid when it comes to fitness is ultimately ourselves. It’s your body, your results and your life…and whilst an amazing community and amazing trainers are always there to help support, only you can be the driving force of your results!

If you find yourself saying things like: “I want to lose four stones…” ”I want to run a marathon…” or “I want to break a world record.”

Then you might be looking too long term. Whilst we’d love to help with all of them (especially the world record attempt!), unless you’ve already put in a tonne of work into it, it probably isn’t going to happen in a week, a month or even a year!


So here’s our approach to such things:

Firstly let’s be realistic with our time frames, do you want to lose four stone? Great! That is a fantastic long term goal, but how long have you already had those 4 stone for? 5 years? 10? More?

They’re not going to fly off overnight and it’s going to take some time, determination and care,  but we can still help you get there! The best place to start is to instead set ourselves smaller, more manageable goals.

Something like: “Okay, I want to lose 3lbs in my first week, then another by the end of my first month.” See how much more manageable that becomes? From there we can begin to develop the small incremental habits that are going to help you achieve those goals.

“Okay, I’m going to eat a healthy breakfast each day this week.” Or “I’m going to try to get in one more extra session at the gym each week”

We don’t have to take anything away here, just add in small, beneficial habits that are going to help create the result that we want. What you will soon find over the first month, two months or even three months is that you will have soon integrated a lot of great habits into your day that are all working together to achieve amazing results!

Pretty soon, you’ll be at that four stone marker!

Cut yourself a break, take a step back and remember that there is no need to go from 0-100 overnight! You’ll thank us later!


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