April 16, 2020

Stretch Routines That Will Help You Feel Amazing!

Workout, Weekday Workout

Hey! Are you ready to start your day off the RIGHT WAY?

Today we're walking you through two amazing morning stretch routines that you can try from home to help loosen up your joints for the day ahead, help alleviate any back pressure you may be facing and put you in a fantastic frame of mind!

By spending just 5 minutes of your morning on these exercises each day, your joints will feel less tight, more active and you be setting the steps in place to keep healthier into later life! 



Here’s what to do:
πŸ”΅ 90/90 Hinges
πŸ”΄ Hip Internal Rotations
πŸ”΅Hip External Rotations
πŸ”΄Bear Sit Internal Rotations
πŸ”΅Frog Stretches




Here’s what to do:
πŸ”΅Neck CARs
πŸ”΄Axle Rotations
πŸ”΅Segmental Catcow
πŸ”΄Thoracic Windmill
πŸ”΅Thoracic Open Books
πŸ”΄Hip CARs
πŸ”΅Kinetic Hip And Ankle Stretches



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