April 7, 2020



For many of us right now, we have been moved out of the offices and forced to set up in our own homes. Whilst the idea of working from home can be incredibly exciting, pretty soon, without the right steps in place, productivity can drop and the blur between work life and home life can become a little more difficult to manage - Here are our top 4 tips to help boost your productivity whilst working from home!


In the exact same way you may have your own office or set desk at work - try to create a similar environment in your own home which is purely dedicated to your work day. Whilst most of us don’t have a separate office, a desk or table would work just as well.

Another great tip is to try to keep this area AWAY from where you either eat or sleep. For example if you work from your kitchen table or sofa, you may find yourself getting up more regularly than you normally would for snacks, or those relaxed end of day feelings may creep in and ruin your productivity.



We are sure you’ll agree, as many more people are at home, our notifications are through the roof right now! With your phone pinging off more than ever, it is incredibly easy to get distracted and to ruin your productive flow.

In order to limit this, be sure to turn off your notification settings during your ‘work hours’. There are plenty of apps which are designed to do exactly this!



When heading into the office, most of us usually have set things that we wear during the day, perhaps a shirt and tie or even just doing your makeup in a certain way.

Many studies have shown that it is much harder to increase your productivity when wearing loungewear. We would recommend making that little bit of extra effort in your clothing choices in order to give you a great sense of purpose and pride in your working appearance!

(And whilst you do not need to sit at your kitchen wearing a full suit, just a simple shirt or jeans is far more beneficial than jogging bottoms or pyjamas!)


Anyone who has worked from home before will tell you that this is a big one! Whilst during our regular work days, we typically have hard start and stop times, when working from home, timetables can go out the window if you are not careful and before you know it, your work is creeping into your evenings, weekends and giving you plenty of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

We recommend setting hard start and stop times to your day. For example you will ONLY work at your set workspace between 9-5PM, after that, you’re done for the day and can turn the laptop and work notifications off.

This simple tip then extends into the rest of your life and can be a great way to introduce structure into your day as it gives you all the similar structures that you will having during your regular day to day such as: A set wake up time, set breakfast time, set worktime and set bed times for the next day!

There you have it! 4 simple tips that are sure to help boost your productivity when working from home!

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