February 18, 2020

Working Out But Not Losing Weight? Here's What To Do!

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So you’ve gotten out the gym wear, dusted off your trainers and begun to work out regularly - Amazing!

Especially if you’re mixing up your cardio with your weight training, eating less, sleeping more…but no matter what you’re doing, you don’t seem to be losing any weight?

This is often the point where most people give up. But that is definitely the WORST thing you can do! Which is why today we’re tackling a few of the potential reasons why the pounds may not be rolling off:


You’re eating the wrong food

You can’t work off a bad diet! Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough protein in their diet find it much harder to lose weight. Protein enhances our feeling of fullness, as well as preventing us from losing muscle mass as we lose fat. So it’s crucial to your journey!

In today’s fast paced environment, it can be hard to get enough protein if you typically find yourself eating a sandwich on the run, or find it hard to take a lunch break at all!

But there are a few really easy fixes! Switching your toast for a couple of eggs at breakfast, trying to incorporate lean chicken, lentils, or fish for lunch dinner, and snacking on almonds or other high protein nuts instead of biscuits (even low calorie ones) might be just what your body needs to help burn through those calories and promote muscle growth during a tough session!


You’re not drinking enough water

We all know that drinking water is good for us, it’s amazing for helping keep your blood circulation moving and flushing out all of those undesirable toxins… But did you know that drinking water can help you burn more calories as well?!

That’s right! Keeping your water levels at optimal levels (2-3 litres a day) can even help keep your appetite at bay and helps your digestive system functioning to the best of it’s ability.

When your body gets dehydrated, your kidneys don’t work properly and your body turns to the liver for extra support. Because your liver is working on overload, your body stores more of the fat that you consume instead of burning it off.


You're eating more calories than you burn

OK, so this might sound obvious, but when you’re working out, you’re burning more calories. And while this makes exercise fundamental for weight-loss, many people overestimate how many calories they burn in a session and use it as an excuse to have an extra glass of wine, piece of cake, or ginger biscuit… Don’t worry, even we’ve been guilty of it!

But for the exercise you’re doing to help you lose weight, unfortunately you can't re-eat the extra calories you burned. Regular exercise is a means to losing weight; not a reason to eat more. So be honest with yourself! Perhaps try keeping a food diary to hold yourself accountable, if you have to physically write down those extra calories, you’re far less likely to want them!


You have a sedentary job

You may be working out three times a week or more, but how are you spending the rest of your time? If you spend the rest of your waking time sat behind a desk, unfortunately that’s an awful lot of sedentary time to compensate for.

While you probably can’t trade in your 9-5 job and go hiking instead, you’d be surprised on what you can do instead and how much of a difference it can make! It’s as simple as going for a light stroll during your lunch break or taking a 2 minute wander every hour to get away from your computer glare.

You could also try taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to work instead of driving your car, or even jogging on the spot while cleaning your teeth or watching TV. The little things add up!


You need professional advice

If you’re doing the wrong kind of cardio for your body type, or the same cardio every time, your body will get used to the repetitive exercise and begin to burn less calories.

If you’re overeating, or snacking on the wrong things you may also find that your weight loss plateaus. With thousands of success stories at the DVCC, we specialise in combining exercise sessions with nutritional guidance and will advise you on a diet and workout programme that complement each other.

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