September 14, 2022

I hurt my knee and couldn't put weight on it...

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Is an injury making it hard for you to stay fit and healthy?
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"I hurt my knee and couldn't put weight on it... I was so scared of doing anything again"
"So I didn't come for a while, and then I came..."
"I remember sitting up here and watching Amanda with the weights."
" I said, I'll never be able to do that!"
"They said yes you will and low and behold..."
"They started me off slow and I got stronger!!"
It made Lesley realise, yes it was a horrible injury, but the right thing was to carry on working bit by bit with support from our Personal Trainers...
Now Lesley tell us...
"Now, it's absolutely fine." 😆
Lesley we are proud of you and your progress over the past year!
Lesley | Humans of DVCC



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