March 2, 2022

Josie's Fitness Comeback After Cancer Returned

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Physically and Mentally
"Best Thing I Ever Did"....
Josie had an extremely high profile job, that meant a lot travelling across the world and time away from home. ✈️
Retired now and spending much of her time with her grandchildren..
Her mission now was to feel less bloated, lose some extra weight and use her retirement to focus on her health and fitness.. 💪🏼
However, Josie's journey hasn't been linear...
Diagnosed with cancer in 2008, since that time the cancer came back 5 times. Josie had to have 4 major operations and various arduous treatments. So when COVID hit, understandably she had apprehensions of joining a 'gym' and how safe it would be...
But she didn't let it stop her... 🙏🏼🌟
"I came back and everyone was so respectful..."
"Doing this for me, it's made me physically and mentally stronger"
"I can pick the hoover up and down the stairs without dragging it."
"Kev (husband) says he notices the difference in me and also how my body shape has changed."
"Coming here, I have such a laugh, there are some fantastic people in this group... WE HAVE FUN"
"I can't say enough about the trainers, they know your names, you tell them your injuries... You don't feel left out at all."
"Best thing I ever did."
Anyone that knows Josie, knows of her bubbly, outgoing persona!
They'll also know of her hard work and committment at The DVCC. 😊
Thank you for being with us Josie. Here's to many more sessions and years of dancing 😁
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Email: info@thedvcc.com



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