March 9, 2022

10 Stone Weight Loss - Jenny's Story

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"I'm pretty much caring for my husband now.
He's a dairy farmer, and he's not very well, so I'm taking on all the extra jobs now really, most of the stuff he used to do.
I was very overweight years ago, so I set about losing weight and I lost over like 10 stone, over a period of time.


But then, I felt, I still wasn't as fit as I could be. So I decided, that I needed to get fitter, in order to do these extra jobs now.
I've never enjoyed the gym, I need to supervised. Otherwise you just do the things you like don't you? Instead of, perhaps the things you need to do. This is different.
I think the thing that The DVCC does for me, is the community spirit. And the fact that everyone is on a different journey, but everyone wants to help you achieve yours.
I've made some lovely friends here, some friends for life. And I miss it when I'm not here. I miss the people.
You just come out feeling energised! It's my time for me.
I had a last little goal weight, and I've smashed through that now. Which is great.
I've just got a puppy now, so I walk him twice a day, turn up to these sessions 3 times a week, and look after my husband. My life is packed with excitement!
If I didn't have these classes, I'd have nothing to look forward too!"
What an inspiration Jenny. Thank you for being with us. You really are superhuman. ❤️
Jenny | Humans of DVCC
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