September 20, 2021

"My Back and my mobility is so much better now" Jenny's story

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"Basically I just wanted to improve my health and my body and to extend my mobility. My mother is 83, and she has a really hard time getting around, so being in close quarters with her, sort of jump started me."
"I've always been fit up until about 5 years ago, I just slowly stopped exercising. But I used to be a big swimmer at competitive level, so my body always had a good level of fitness for most of my life, I just wanted to get back there."
"I think 7 weeks here now, my muscle memory is beginning to kick in, I'm increasing the weights I'm doing quite quickly, considering I've got some considerable injuries all over. So, yeh, my significant joint issues have had to take precedent in what I'm doing, but the instructors here have been marvellous. They're very very careful, they listen to you, what you need and allow you to follow your own pace."
" I know that in order to keep your joints in a good condition, working as long as possible without having surgical intervention, the idea is to create support muscle around them. And that's what I'm aiming out. I feel I am MAKING IT!"
"I started doing some gardening, and I was having trouble with my back, it was causing me pain, so I'd have to position myself in a certain way when doing it. But after 7 weeks here, I no longer have to do that... My back has become so much stronger."
"For me, this system of having sort of 4 people per session, has been fantastic, because you get a social element also and I really really like that. People are encouraging and yeh it's just great."
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