December 10, 2020

How To Stay Healthy This Christmas - Restriction Free!

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 _ They’ll look after you, and they will probably save your life _ (10)


Christmas is the time to be around your friends and family....


A time to let your hair down.... reminisce on memories... enjoy good food and drink... 


Christmas can also sometimes lead to 'guilt' or 'oh well I can start in January' 


This is normal, and if there is any time to let your hair down, it is definitely Christmas time. 


However, to save that January dread, we have compiled our TOP TIPS for maintaining your health this Christmas time. Meaning no guilt and just a jolly old time! 


So here goes.... 


  1. Hydrate - make a pledge with H2O - Make a pledge to yourself to drink 2-3 litres of water a day (minimum). Your average water bottle is 500ml, so simply refill it 6 times! Staying hydrated will help you keep healthy in so many ways including; improving your sleep, helping you recover quickly and will also aid with keeping your immune system healthy. 
  2. Add walks & cycles into your social life - Whether you are planning to go for meals, have some drinks (Covid rules applied obviously), or grab a Christmas hot chocolate... Why not ask your friends and family if they'd like to do a long walk before or after. Walking or cycling are great for socialising and also means you get the blood flowing round your body too!
  3. Have your relaxing time - It doesn't all have to be GO GO GO this Christmas, especially not after the strange year we've all had. Enjoy some down time for yourself. Whether you schedule in 10 minutes of meditation, read a book or listen to some music - just remember you deserve it!
  4. Book into our recorded sessions - We have packed out our online recorded sessions (Check MindBody now) for you to enjoy over Christmas, so take full advantage. You'll see more and more exciting sessions being put in over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. 
    For now though, here is a Team Training session for you! CLICK HERE
  5. Pick your food shop wisely - The big Christmas shop is certainly an exciting (stressful) one. Packs of biscuits, chocolates, crisps & dip, pigs and blankets (of course!!) and all the rest. But why not add in some nutritional snacks for you and your family this Christmas too... 
    Things like hummus, veg, wholemeal pittas, fruit... You'll feel better for adding some colour to your meals, we promise you that!
  6. Get SLEEP when you can - Sleep affects all areas of our life and so it is vital to ensure you get plenty of sleep over the holidays too! Things like hot herbal teas, putting screens aside, being in comfortable pyjamas, podcasts...etc are some of the best ways to wind down.
  7. Be Present - Be actively present this Christmas. Switch off from all of your worries and look around you. After a tough year, we need nothing more than to be stress free and happy. By actively being present, you'll see your stress levels decrease, impacting your whole wellbeing. Give it a go, and let us know how you get on. 




There are so many simple ways to add a little health into your life this Christmas.

For any support or guidance you need, you can always pop us a message. 

We are here to keep you safe, happy and always supported. 

Drop us a message on one of our social media pages, we'd love to hear from you. 


Merry Christmas Team, enjoy yourself! 



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