July 17, 2019

Heading somewhere warm? Don’t forget these nutrition tips!

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Are you ready to jet off somewhere warmer? Great!

But just because your are trying to turn off and relax from all the stresses of work for a week or two, doesn’t mean your body turns off as well! In fact, when we put ourselves in different environments that we aren't particularly used to, a few things might happen…

…Do you ever get the feeling you are less hungry in hot weather?

A lot of people often get this during summer holidays, whilst our bodies do slow down a little in hot weather to conserve energy, it should not impact your metabolism or your body’s energy needs for the day.

Sure, if you are laying around on a sun bed all day then you will not need to consume as many calories than a day when you are out and about or exercising, however it is still important to eat, and you certainly shouldn’t starve your body just because you aren’t feeling as hungry as you usually do!

If the idea of eating larger meals in the heat makes you feel a little nauseous, try eating smaller meals, but more frequently than you usually would. For example, keeping a few beneficial snacks with you throughout the day or a few bits of fruit here and there, might be a helpful way to make sure you are still getting enough calories to fulfil your body’s energy needs for the day, without starving yourself.


Stay hydrated!

Eating properly is important, however whenever you find yourself in warmer conditions, staying hydrated throughout the day is THE MOST important thing that you can be doing.

If you are not getting enough water during your day (at LEAST 2-3 litres), you open yourself up to a plethora of health complications such as: Dizziness or lightheadedness, tiredness, dry mouth, lips and eyes, vomiting, heat stroke and countless other nasty things!

You should also be especially cautious with dehydration if you are: diabetic, been in the sun for too long, have a high temperature or are urinating less than usual. Also, whilst we all love a drink on holiday, alcohol is a leading cause of dehydration, so be sure to match every drink you have with a glass of water in order to keep your body functioning properly!


So let your hair down this summer and relax into a good book by the poolside, but if you just keep these quick tips in mind, you’ll maybe even enjoy your holiday that little bit more!

Have a great time away and stay safe this summer!

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