June 26, 2019

Endurance training? Things to consider before the big day!

So you are planning on trying endurance training? Perhaps it is completing a marathon, triathlon or a 50 mile bike ride that you have got set in your mind, great! Endurance training is a fantastic challenge to set yourself if you are looking to take your training to the next level. Here are a few things to consider before you set off!

If you are even considering trying any kind of long endurance training, chances are that you have already done some kind of practice training beforehand, to build your body up to the level that you feel you are prepared enough to try something bigger. So, instead of focusing too much on getting started with your training, today we are focusing more on a few the things which you might not have considered to help prepare yourself for the task in hand.


Let’s use the 50 mile bike ride example. Instead of focusing on the 50 miles themselves, you need to instead focus on your body and HOW you are going to get to the 50 miles. During most kinds of endurance training, you need to consider any muscular imbalances you may be causing to your body during your practice training and on the day itself.

If you are going to be sat on a bike for a long period of time for example, because of the sitting position, your hip flexors are more likely to become shorter and the front of your legs will become tighter. So you need to ask yourself: What are you going to do to make sure these muscular imbalances don’t become an issue?


For instance, if your hip flexors become tight make sure that you're implementing a flexibility routine, everyday, to essentially try to negate all of the things that may happen from spending a long duration on the bike. Even if it is just for a few minutes each day, stretch your hip flexors, stretch your quads, stretch your pecs and try and make sure that you are always thinking about your posture.

Below is a fantastic series of morning stretches that will help open your hip flexors and loosen up the rest of your body.

Also don’t forget about your nutrition! When it comes to endurance, people typically only think about the food they eat in the morning. However it is actually your meals the day before that you need to be focusing on. When you do long endurance training, you are using the food from previous day, even days. Even whilst you doing your endurance training, you might want to consider investing in some energy gel packs to give you that boost of energy to help you reach the end!

Hopefully that has helped and if you are planning on commencing on any endurance training, best of luck! Try implementing these simple tips into your routine and see how they impact your results!

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