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August 14, 2016

Do I Need Supplements? What Kind Do You Recommend?

Supplements, Protein, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Magnesium


There’s a lot of hype around supplements so you may be wondering if they really do anything for your body. Well the answer is yes.

Supplements can do wonders for your body, as long as you use the right ones. In the right doses. At the right time.

Let’s have a look at the staple supplements we believe that everyone can benefit from:

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is particularly good for helping with sleep because it drops cortisol, your stress hormone. You may not even realise it when you’re feeling stressed. But sometimes it can be hard to sleep with all those worries whirling round your mind.

Stress is a very real problem for most people these days, but it can be managed naturally by making sure you look after your body and mind.

Taking magnesium, four capsules with your dinner, will help you fall asleep faster and promote a better quality of sleep. You’re far less likely to suffer from night wakings if your body’s getting the levels of magnesium it needs.

Can you get enough magnesium from food alone? Well, it can be hard. Many foods that are rich in magnesium are also high in calories, such as dairy and avocados.

Also, stress absorbs magnesium and if you suffer from any kind of joint injury, or like a drink (more than 5-7 glasses a week), this can lower your magnesium supplies. But for optimum results, magnesium should be taken in the right quantities and at the right time.

  1. Fish Oil

A lot of fitness consultants will emphasise the importance of good, pharmaceutical grade fish oil in your life. That’s because fish oil offers so many health benefits. It’s great for your bones and joints, can lower your cholesterol, and even help to balance your mood. Which means that if you’re feeling anxious or depressed, fish oil can help.

We recommend fish oil supplements that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These have been proven to improve the overall health levels of the people who take them. And honestly, we both feel a lot better when we supplement with fish oil.

If you want a better mood, stronger bones and lower cholesterol, then add pharmaceutical grade fish oil to your life.

  1. Protein

You already know that protein is essential for your health. It’s the main ingredient your body needs to make hormones and enzymes and repair tissues. You continually replenish your protein levels through well balanced meals, but if you’re working out a lot, you may need a top up.

So, for healthy muscles and cartilage make sure you get you need to get enough protein every day. If you can get this from eating the right things, then you may not need an extra supplement. But if you’re trying to build muscle mass, then we recommend a protein powder, like whey protein.

  1. Vitamin D

We use Vitamin D mainly in the winter, simply because 90% of our vitamin D comes from the sun. In countries that get a lot of sunshine in the summer, your body can store enough Vitamin D over the winter months.

But we live in England. Not much sun in the summer or the winter. Since Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and a deficiency can cause them to become soft and weak, it’s a good idea to supplement.

So, to sum up:

Magnesium, fish oil, Vitamin D and protein are your four staples for continued good health and balance.

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