December 27, 2019

Bill's Promise To His Daughter...

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When Bill’s daughter’s wedding day was approaching, she told him she would love to see him walk her down the aisle in his most prestigious kilt.

Not wanting to let her down, Bill promised her he would do it. Starting at a 44inch waist and needing to get down to a 36 inch waist, Bill knew he had a long way to go and needed the motivation to keep him going along the way.


He had tried normal gyms before, but they were never for him. He would go, lose motivation and leave…

…By having a personal trainer, Bill is able to keep himself accountable and push himself harder with every session.

By the time of his daughters wedding, he managed to fit into the kilt for her big day!

Since then, Bill has managed to lose over 4 and a half stone and is still setting himself new goals. He is even now planning a triathlon with his sons!

What an inspiration!




Do you feel intimidated by normal gyms?

The big box impersonal gyms leave you feeling awkward, and lacking motivation to lose weight and get fit.

The DVCC is for men and women who want to lose weight, get fit but don't want to do it in a normal big box gym.

We know it's important. We just don't know where to start.

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