November 19, 2019

“It’s probably one of the best things I’ve done in the past two years!” - Bea's Journey At The DVCC

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Bea had always been an avid dieter...To the point where she believes that there is not a diet on the planet that she hasn't tried at one point or another!

She was stuck in a cycle of extreme dieting. She would lose weight, only to then put it back on after a few months and switch to a new, even more extreme, diet.

She was tired of being told what she could and couldn't eat, tired of being miserable and tired of not seeing long-lasting results!




When Bea joined The DVCC, we introduced her to a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight, eat healthily and how she can keep it off for good!

Now, Bea is no longer dieting and is able to enjoy eating without the horrible sense of guilt that she used to face. Likewise, she has been introduced to a community of likeminded individuals who are always there to help pull her up and achieve her goals!

“It will surprise you how it will change all the aspects of your life, not only fitness!”




Do you feel intimidated by normal gyms?

The big box impersonal gyms leave you feeling awkward, and lacking motivation to lose weight and get fit.

The DVCC is for men and women who want to lose weight, get fit but don't want to do it in a normal big box gym.

We know it's important. We just don't know where to start.

6 Week Mini Membership