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Our Milton Keynes based personal trainers

Our focus at our DoubleVision conditioning centre is you. We want to offer you the best possible experience and help you achieve the best results. We want you to get the body you want, and get the confidence you once had back. Our personal training programmes will push you beyond anything you thought possible.

Our weight loss techniques are designed to help you to achieve all of this and more, no matter who you are and what goals you have, we know that our personal trainers in Milton Keynes will be able to get you there.

Why wait any longer? Come and take a look at our facilities in Milton Keynes where our specialist personal trainers are ready to start your journey.

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"My whole life has
been changed. I am so
much more confident now!"

"I have always put my work before my health, but gradually over time it started to show. I smoked and did not exercise, and as you can imagine this led to me piling on the pounds.

Toni Mcglauglin
Council Worker

"I feel so much better about myself"

I have always felt I wasn’t in bad shape, but my weight always seemed to fluctuate and I have never found a dress size that I was truly comfortable at. I couldn’t find anything that kept me motivated to my exercise for longer than a few months.

A friend of mine introduced me to The DVCC, and so I gave it a go.

Now, I could not imagine doing anything else. My weight is down, I have lost dress sizes and more importantly I have been a member for 6 months and STILL love it!

Mair Evans, 30

"Milton Keynes Personal Training has totally transformed my whole life."

I was the typical women, constantly trying to lose weight, look after my family and work part time. The DoubleVision Conditioning Centre approach means I get advised what to eat, no calorie counting or anything complicated like that. I then get measured every month – Its really motivating to see the number going down and down.

Sue Wilding, 45
PCT Director


Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training is perhaps one of the oldest forms of exercise. Cardiovascular training can take many forms. All of our sessions use the latest in training techniques to work your cardiovascular system. Your body will become lean and toned quickly!

Resistance Training

Resistance training is often shied away from by women, in the fear they will become "bulky". We use a number of different methods to ensure you end up with long and lean muscles...You will NEVER become bulky. This type of training will also bring your current level of fitness to an entirely new level. Resistance training will make you look and feel amazing!

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition program is one of the cornerstones of why we get such brilliant results. All members get regular 1:1 Nutrition Consultations, and personalised nutrition plans. You can never out-train a bad diet, and that is why we put so much emphasis on the nutrition side of our program.

Life Coaching

We do not just make you look better, we transform the way you FEEL. We are committed to helping all of our Members change the way they think about food and exercise. In this way we help you make changes for life.

"Mother finally gets her
confidence back!"

I’ve yo yo dieted for years, I contacted The DoubleVision Conditioning Centre because I was told they were Milton Keynesshire’s weight loss specialists.

I was skeptical when I was told I would lose a stone and a half in 8 weeks. 2 stone later I’m not skeptical anymore.
Thanks DVCC!

Marie Calow, 51

"I have totally transformed my body shape. I now look and feel years younger and have a new positive attitude….."

I have constantly been dieting and trying to lose this excess weight. I even used to have my food delivered to me! Being busy with work and looking after my family, I had no choice but to get back on track exercising and eating healthily.

I don’t know where I would be in my life if it weren’t for The DoubleVision Conditioning Centre. They told me I would lose the weight, and I did… Infact, I now look and feel better than I ever could have imagined!

Thank you so much to all of you at The DoubleVision Conditioning Centre. You have saved me so much time and money!

David Sexton, 44